Evaluate, Calculate, Install/Clean, Monitor.

Green Ants works with building owners and operators to identify real opportunities to save money on maintenance costs with organic chemical cleaning.

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Across Industries & Building Types

Helping you with two simple solutions: Cleaning something faster or lowering cleaning costs.

Food Processing

Oil and Gas

Power Generation

Waste Management 

Commercial Buildings

Chemical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Facilities

Pulp and Paper

Textile Manufacturing


Ship Engines

General Maintenance


The first step to improve your maintenance productivity is to schedule a FREE 30 minute assessment with one of our Specialists.

During the assessment our Specialist will focus on:

Business Operations

Our Specialist will get an understanding of your current consumption patterns and what drives your peak consumption.

Maintenance Issues

We look for outstanding maintenance issues and identify where and why maintenance costs are being spent.

Current Technology

We will collect data on your current technology and understand how key components are controlled and maintained.

Facility Concerns

Green Ants will listen to concerns from management and staff regarding solvents, equipment over heating, or control problems that require attention.


In order to make informed decisions to improve your facility you need to be armed with data and the financial impact to your business.

Green Ants will analyze your data and quantify:

Your Current Cleaning Costs

Green Ants looks at your historic consumption to provide you with your current baseline costs.

Potential Savings

Based on the data collected during our assessment and our Maintenance Specialists’ recommendations we calculate your potential cleaning and maintenance costs savings.

Investment Amount

Green Ants provides you with actual investment amount required to improve your facilities maintenance performance and achieve your potential savings.

ROI and Payback

Green Ants will calculate your return on investment and the payback period of your investment including utility rebates, scheduled cryogenic cleaning visits, and cash flow impacts.


Green Ants dedicated Project Managers will take care of all aspects of installation and cleaning from start to finish. We adhere to strict quality standards and provide a 3 year warranty on all of our parts and workmanship.


Our Installations:

Certified Specialists

All of our Green Ants are certified, insured, and overall great people! We stand behind our professional contractors so you can have peace of mind that the job will be done right.

 Environmental Certification

All Green Ants projects use green approved products and suppliers to ensure the highest quality standards are met.

3 Year Warranty

All installations come with a 3 year warranty so you can have confidence in your upgrades. We stand behind our products and have built strong relationships with the industries best manufacturers.

Complete Project Management

Green Ants works hard to minimize any interruption to your operations. Our Project Managers will create a flexible installation/cleaning schedule that works for you. Need your lights changed and facility cleaned at 4am? No problem – we’ve got your back.


Green Ants prides itself on delivering real cost savings for it’s clients. To ensure cost savings are realized, Green Ants monitors your solvent consumptions and energy consumptions before and after installation and proves your results.

Our Monitoring Service Will:

Validate Actual Savings

Green Ants monitoring platform will confirm your real savings and provide ongoing reporting on your reduced cleaning costs and energy savings.

Provide Transparency

If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it. Our analytics platform gives you unparalleled insights into your cleaning consumption and energy use so you can sustain cost savings.

Provide Valuable Feedback

Give your maintenance staff and finance team the data they need to reduce maintenance costs and forecast budget requirements.