Plans and Pricing

Packaged VisitsMost Popular

$ 2500

Starts Per Visit

Weekly Visits

Monthly Visits

Quarterly Visits

Material, Ice and Equipment

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Pay As You Go

$ 299

Starts Per Hour

8 Hour

12 Hour

Material, Ice and Equipment

48hour Notice

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Multi-Day Projects


Per Job

Multi-Day Contract


Material, Ice and Equipment

Financing Optional

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Purchasing the Lotus Pro

Cut Cleaning Costs By 50%

Starts at $3,050.00

With 3 year warranty

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Are these the only plans?

You can have custom visits that meet your facilities needs or, we can do bi-weekly and bi-monthly visits. The combinations are based on your facility requirements and budget needs.

Are there any discounts?

There’s always room for discounts. We always have promotions for plant managers especially for those operating facilities in remote locations. We also have an equipment sharing agreement where we can use your scissor lifts, compressors to help lower costs and make use of what you already have in your facility.

When will my account be activated?

As soon as you sign the contract and agreement your account is open.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel anytime with 48-72 hour notice. If ice is already ordered and produced you will only pay for the ice since it can’t be saved. The ice is manufactured and turns to gas if not used within the optimal time frame.