Plastics Facility Cleaning in Alberta

Green Ants industrial machine cleaning service that removes hardened plastic, mold-release agents and plastic build-up quickly and easily. Clean mold cavities are a major concern for plastic part manufacturers who strive to maintain today’s high quality standards. The build-up of residues from either the product mix itself, mold releases or the labeling process can create various problems, ranging from product release (knock out) to inferior product quality and possible damage to tools. Our plastic mold cleaning services can remove the unwanted build-up and cleans in a fraction of the time, allowing increased cycles between preventative maintenance.

Why Hire Green Ants?

Our industrial machine cleaning services use a fast, non-abrasive and cost-effective cleaning technology that shoots solid CO2 pellets at supersonic speeds to clean surfaces without scratching, etching or damaging your equipment or molds. The CO2 is non-toxic, meaning that Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta can provide plastic mold cleaning services without the use of solvents.

Stop Scraping and Grinding

Get Ants In your Plants

Completely cleans plastic molds without damage

We clean can while the mold is still curing

No disassembly of equipment

We remove paraffin build-up

 Reduces scrap



Traditional industrial machine cleaning services involve tedious and ineffective manual processes using chemicals and hand tools – but Green Ants cleaning solutions allow molds and products to be cleaned in a fraction of the time.


With our industrial machine cleaning solutions, molds can be cleaned hot and in-place, without disassembly. Additionally, our plastic mold cleaning services do not require water or chemicals, and do not create secondary waste.

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