Who we are in Gas Plants.

Green Ants is a new maintenance company hell-bent on crafting the best eco friendly cleaning approach for plant managers. Long after the construction is complete and the big companies have left, your plant gets lonely and things get dirty. We work to win, and build our clients solutions for maintenance. From Bitumen removal on ramps all the way down dust on electrical panels; no one will do it better or faster get:  Gas Plants Dry Ice Blasting In Alberta

Why Plant Managers Love Us.

We aren’t bulky. We don’t pretend to do everything. We will never say ‘synergy’ on a conference call. We don’t believe your best money is spent on the status-quo or good-enough. We’re here to help your facility and its workers who operate it better.

Your Problem

Bitumen, dirt, tar, grease and oil built up in production facilities cause machinery to function improperly and can create an unsafe working environment. However, manual cleaning is often delayed to prevent shut-down of the factory.

Our Solution

Dry Ice Blasting equipment provides a quick, safe, non-toxic and economical cleaning solution for facilities, industrial equipment, machinery, machine tools and assembly line equipment. Dry Ice Blasting cleans in-place without disassembly or cooling down and is non-abrasive, non-conductive, non-corrosive, and does not use water. It is a completely dry and clean process.

Why the Green Ant

Green Ants minimizes the disposal of hazardous waste. With Green Ants, the cleaning media (dry ice) sublimates – meaning it disappears without adding secondary waste. The only waste is the material you were removing. The cleaning applications for dry ice blasting are endless.

Green Ants Can Clean


Compressor Pistons, heads, manifolds

Cleaning Fin-Fan 

For improved efficiency, allowing shut down of some fans in the cooler as process temperatures drop.


Switchgear, bus bars, control panels, transformers, etc.

Furnace Tubes

Refinery furnaces – cat crackers and reformers

Boilers & Cogeneration Units

Fire tubes, convection sections, re-boilers, burners, ducting, and turbines


Scrubbers, columns, stills, de-aerator, accumulator, separators, LPG, bullets, spheres, production/ storage tanks, etc

Get Custom Visits

Green Ants will maximize your cleaning program. We help you find a routine program that works for you facility and assets. You sit back and let us clean the impossible.

We can get in anywhere.

Excellent performance results cleaning Heat Exchangers, such as plate exchangers, fin-fans (convection section or re-boilers), shell side tube bundles, and exterior tube shells

We can clean almost any surface.

Cleaning Fin-Fan with shaved ice at low air pressures removes surface contaminants for improved efficiency, allowing shut down of some fans in the cooler as process temperatures drop.

Schedule an Assessment

A 30 minute assessment can lead to 30% savings on asset maintenance costs.