Dry Ice Blasting Alberta Plant’s And Facilities

How would you clean this Turbine?

Lucky for you--this what we love doing.

Why Dry Ice Blasting?

When you have a piece of equipment as delicate and massive as a turbine; Green Ants use Dry Ice Blasting.

We just love helping maintenance engineers lower costs and look good doing asset maintenance.

Get Cool Asset Maintenance with Dry Ice Blasting.

Why choose Green Ants?

The goal is to create a custom cleaning regiment for your shutdown options. A cleaning team which would leverage the latest technologies to give you custom maintenance. We want to bring you eco-friendly technologies, while integrating and supporting key organizational systems.


Motor Cleaning

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Electrical Cleaning

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Food Processing Equipment

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Sensitive Instrumental Equipment

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Machinery Cleaning

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Be Green. Save Green

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 Better cleaning

 No chemicals

 No water

 No blasting media

 No or minimal down time

 Clean your equipment on site